About Us

4.0 and Go Tutoring was established in 1994 by a handful of like-minded former Aggies looking to help current Aggies through tough classes. Throughout the past two decades we, at 4.0 and Go, have acquired both the resources and proficiency in supporting students’ academic success unrivaled anywhere. We have collected over twenty years of material and sample test questions from Texas A&M professors which allow us to provide students with an advantage for test structure and content that they will not be able to find elsewhere.

All of our tutors have been trained and are experienced in the popular 4.0 and Go method of teaching which includes an engaging, friendly, and test-specific curriculum. We pride ourselves in providing students the material, tricks for memorizing, and study aids needed for obtaining an ‘A’ on each test. Our sessions are designed to cut out all the unnecessary and bulky material which convolute the learning process while still translating and communicating course content and test material required for building a foundation for future classes and cutting students’ study time in half. We provide students the most efficient means of education allowing busy college students more time for other classes, work, or other college experience.


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