What is the difference between Private Tutoring and Group Tutoring?

We have developed a formula for teaching that allows us to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere surpassing any other forms of group learning. Our tutors have been tutoring these classes for over two decades giving them the personal experience and resources you simply cannot find anywhere else. Because we can teach so effectively to groups of grade-hungry students, we’re able to keep both the cost, and time, super low!

Why should I choose to 4.0 and Go?

There answer is simple—we are the best in town! At 4.0 and Go we focus on making sure that students are not only familiar with the material they will see of their tests, but have the foundation to build upon the course knowledge for their future classes. We can teach students more material in the same amount of time than our competitors and have been getting students top grades the longest.

Will one session get me through the test? How exactly does the system work?

We highly recommend you attend all sessions. We offer both tutoring and test review sessions. Tutoring sessions occur in parts (i.e. “Part 1 of 4”) and typically occur before the test reviews. These sessions focus on explaining the concepts needed for mastery of the material and provide you a strong foundation to build on for your next level classes. Test Reviews use questions from our massive test bank, which we go over and work out with you. This allows the students to obtain the comfort and familiarity needed to complete each test confidently. Our methods have worked fantastically for well-over 20 years. Come see for yourself!

When are your business hours?

Our business hours vary with the classes we have going on that day. Typically, we are open from when we begin of our first class and close fifteen minutes after beginning of our last class for that day. You can find our dynamic hours in the About Us section on our webpage. However, you can call us at anytime even if we’re not open!

Why should I get a season pass?

Season passes allow students access to all sessions for a particular class for that semester. Students also have access to previous material and priority seating. Season pass prices are significantly reduced compared to individual ticket purchases.

Are season passes pro-rated?

Season passes are already heavily discounted, and in many cases, pay for themselves before you finish your second test! Due to their mighty discount, we cannot offer any prorated season passes (with the exception of MGMT 209/211).

Do you do refunds for season passes?

Season passes are nonrefundable. However, if you happened to Q-drop the class and can prove it, we will give you a partial refund in the form of four.o Credit. The partial refund will be the purchased price of the season pass with the price of the cumulated hours of past tutoring from the current semester deducted. Of course, if you come to all of our sessions, you won’t ever have to worry about dropping a class!

Can my parents buy my tickets ahead of time?

You bet they can! In fact, all they have to do is login to our website and fill up you four.o card!

What is a four.o Card?

Haven’t you heard?! 4.0 and Go now allows a student, or parent, to store credit, tickets, and season passes on one simple card. All you have to do is create a free account on our website and have a card made when you come to class (no charge). Whenever you purchase a ticket or a season pass it will go strait to you four.o card and you can use it as your ticket! No more need to cumbersome tickets anymore! Of course, if you don’t want to have an account with us, you can still purchase you a normal ticket, no account necessary!

What is four.o credit?

four.o credit is money, coupons, or vouchers stored on your four.o card. You can redeem it for tickets, season passes, or even coke and candy!

How to I purchase four.o credit?

Buying four.o credit is super easy! First, login to you four.o account. Next, click on the little cash icon at the top right corner of your web browser. Finally, type in the amount you wish you purchase and click ‘Add to cart’. Go to your cart and check out! All done!

Where can I buy a ticket or a season pass?

You can purchase a ticket or season pass on our website, or on-site. We work like a movie theatre—get your ticket online, or at the ticket booth. Super easy!!

When do you post class times?

Class times are posted as often as possible. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a scheduled prepared outside of two weeks from your test because professors like to change what they’re teaching last minute and we have to have time to prepare our material to keep up. We don’t just create some standard lesson and hope it matches what the professors are asking. We make sure all of our material is customized for the students’ needs! We like to have a solid schedule prepared 10 days out from your next test. It seems like a while, but it’s for your benefit! You can view our schedule by clicking here. Remember, class times may change so check the website often!

Can I come late to class?

Of course you can! Better late than never, right?

Can I get material from previous classes?

Absolutely! However, some materials may only be available with the purchase of a ticket while others may be freely available. Give us a call during our business hours (which you can find online) and we’ll let you know!

If I leave early, do I get my money back?

All ticket sales are final. However, in most cases we will provide you four.o credit for time not used.

Do you accept all forms of payment?

We accept all major credit cards except American Express.

Where are you located?

We have three locations where we hold our tutoring classes. Our main location is located in Northgate (205 University Dr.) is where we run most of our freshman and sophomore classes. This is just a couple minute walk from the middle of campus! Our Management classes are held in the CS Hilton & Conference Center (801 University Dr). Our Political Science classes are held in the Homewood Suites meeting room (950 University Dr). Click here for more details.

Where do I park for your Northgate location?

Click here for more information regarding parking!

What is your We Pay You! Promotion?

Every year we want to give students an opportunity to see how effective our tutoring is. However, many students are hesitant to give us a try so we like to give them a big incentive! This incentive is either a check (which can be deposited at any bank) or four.o credit—you decide! Yes, we will actually write students a check for coming on the specific day assigned for the promotion. For this particular promotion we require a few things of the student: 1) A valid ID, 2) a graphic student schedule printed after the TAMU add/drop class date or after a given date we specify, 3) a FREE 4.0 and Go account, and 4) the student must attend the entire session(s) stated for the promotion. If a student doesn’t meet these qualifications they are not eligible for the promotion. However, the session on that date will be free!

What are Packet Classes?

Packet classes are classes in which we sell material and not a tutoring session. Although, many times tutoring sessions come complementary with a packet, however, this is not always the case. The value is in the material within the packet as it contains various notes, study guides, and/or test questions etc. that are not easily found, or even found at all, through other resources. Because the actual review session is not included in the price, review times (not the packets themselves) are subject to change or cancellations. However, when packet reviews are offered, it is highly recommended for students to attend as they are super helpful!